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Facts to Know About Defending Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice cases are quite common these days, and doctors are often on the receiving end. Well, as much as a doctor might have had a hand in a patient’s misery, not all scenarios constitute medical malpractice. Most doctors are motivated to help patients. So facing a medical malpractice claim can be very frustrating, especially when the doctor is facing summon from some lawyers who have never been to medical school. This write-up shares some critical insights on how any doctor should handle a malpractice claim.

Reacting to Malpractice Claims News

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The news that you are summoned for medical malpractice come as a shock to many practitioners. However, in recent years, the number of malpractice claims filed against doctors have been on the rise, and more than two-thirds of these claims are either withdrawn or dismissed. What does this mean? Being sued for medical malpractice should not worry you much. Instead, you should have the patience to let the law to follow its course.

Doctor’s Responsibilities

Some medical practitioners have malpractice insurance, which implies that insurance company might handle a vast part of the case. However, the doctor in question is also expected to get involved during the course of the case. First, the doctor is expended to give a candid explanation of circumstances leading to these claims. Secondly, they should also avail themselves for interrogations from the patient’s attorney. Thirdly, the doctor might also be required to answer some question and under oath. If the case makes it to trial, the doctor is will probably be called to give his side of the story in front of the jury.

If the doctor does not have malpractice insurance, they need some legal help in this area. As such, it is imperative for them to hire the services of an able team experienced in medical malpractice defense. Schuler, Halvorson, Weisser, Zoeller & Overbeck P.A. have the experience needed to help doctor’s handle medical malpractice claims successfully. It is worth noting that court cases are won how well you are able to respond to claims raised by the plaintiff.surgical operation

Defense Options

The doctor’s legal team is expected to respond to claims raised by the plaintiff in three main ways – rejection of patient testimony, reduction or elimination of damages, and absence of causation. The option used is often determined by the nature of the facts surrounding the case. You need an able legal team to help you settle on the best course of action.…