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Potential Uses and Benefits of Testolone

Testolone or RAD140 is one of the strongest, powerful SARM. It is a selective substance that easily binds itself to the androgen receptors. It has been produced and is still being researched by a renowned pharmaceutical company known as Radius Health. It has minimal side effects as compared to other types of steroids, making it a suitable alternative to the other performance enhancers.

This substance has become very popular among men who want to increase their muscle mass and boost sexual performance. It also plays a significant role in fighting breast cancer, increasing muscle mass, promoting fat loss, and protecting the brain cells. Let’s have a look at these benefits in detail.

Increasing Muscle Mass

muscle mass

Testolone is a popular body building product that is widely used by athletes. It is much different from the other types of SARMs because it promotes the growth of muscles without the adverse effects associated with conventional steroids.

During the study, this substance was tested on monkeys and revealed that it could increase the mass of the lean muscles after four weeks of use. Clinical trials have also proven that RAD140 is effective in improving the physical function and lean muscle mass in the elderly.

A Remedy for Breast Cancer

Research has proven that this substance helps fight estrogen receptor and androgen, both of which are special forms of cancer that are sensitive to hormones. SARMs have cancer potent fighting properties that make them useful in fighting the cancerous cells. It does this by suppressing the estrogen receptors.

Promotes Weight Loss

SARMs are known for reducing body fat while increasing muscle mass. Studies have also found that this substance is beneficial in improving cholesterol levels.

Brain Effects

human brain

Androgens play a crucial role in improving memory, increasing the growth of brain cells, and decreasing the accumulation of amyloid beta, one of those substances which cause Alzheimer’s disease. It is, therefore, helpful in protecting one’s brain cells. You can also take this substance to improve the quality of sleep and improve memory.

 Cons of Testolone

  •  Its long term risks are unknown.
  • No human studies.
  • Can suppress the levels of testosterone.