Best Reasons to Quit Your Job

Have you been thinking of quitting your job but the thought of having to start over scares you? You are already used to the daily routines, and you always rely on the comfort of your steady income. But every morning you dread to wake up and go to the office. Inevitably we experience Monday blues now and then, but when it happens every morning, you know you have to rethink about keeping your job, or not.

You See No Future

officeOne of the best reasons to quit your job is when you see no future in your job. You are stuck in your position for years, and you can not accelerate your career or your expertise. The easiest way to detect whether the future is there or not is to observe the available career paths in your company. Is your company’s structure too simple or your company never apply internal regenerations? When you are reporting to your manager and your manager is reporting straight to the owner, or when the company always chooses to get pro-hires for management level, you have to start considering to find a new career path.
The second easiest way to check for the future in the company is to recognize the state of the company. Learn about a market update and what is your company engaged in, and then think about whether the business is growing or declining. When your company has stopped progressing, for example, it never opens up new branches, or even worse it was closing down its branches, it is time to seek a new opportunity somewhere else.

You Are Not Well Appreciated

depressedYou have waved goodbye to your work-life balance, working 9-to-9 without any appreciation from the company. Let’s be realistic; you have your needs too. If you are spending hours to commute and still living paycheck to paycheck, you have to start to renegotiate your salary.
We are not only talking about numbers here. As a human, we need to be appreciated and respected in the workplace. Sometimes we are undervalued by our boss or bullied by other departments. When you’re not feeling respected, it is surely time to go. Perhaps giving the digital nomad lifestyle a try?

You Are Facing Difficult Work Environment

Being in the office, we continuously have to deal with other people, both internal and external. Sometimes the bigger the office, the more complicated the situation is. A negative work environment can affect you negatively and make your job difficult. When you are working a 9-to-5 job, you are spending most of your life for work. So it is better to look for another company that is more suitable for you.
The management tends to forget that they are working with humans, not machines or robot. No matter how formal or physical our job is, as a human, our thoughts and feelings will play a role in completing your task. When you are repeatedly facing negative experiences in work, then you have your best reason to submit your resignation.