Becoming a Digital Nomad

Who doesn’t dread office work? Just the thought of going to work at nine and going home at five or six is tiring for some people and even you who are reading this right now. So, this is where people ran away from a regular office job and decided to either open up a business or perhaps trying to become a digital nomad. But what is a digital nomad? What do they do and why is it so trending nowadays? In this article, we’re going to talk about what is a digital nomad and what tips you need to know before you venture this world of digital nomad itself.

Digital Nomad

Like the name itself, a nomad is someone who doesn’t have a fixed destination or place for him to stay, meanwhile digital is what we do on a daily basis, be it to check our emails, watching videos or even playing games. So, a digital nomad is someone who works digitally or online without having to worry about going to an office or some place. The most important thing for a digital nomad is a working laptop or notebook and a stable internet connection for them to stay online. With that being said, make sure that your laptop is at least good enough for you to work on a very long period, at least for three years ahead. Because the last thing that you need is a slow laptop while you’re trying to work on a project.


There’s a lot of jobs that you can do as a digital nomad. Students nowadays can become a content writer, transcriptionist or even a captioner for a short movie or videos. Meanwhile, if you have specific experience in your work history, you can also use it as your advantage when applying to a particular job. For example, a previous knowledge of you working as a business consultant can net you a position of working as a consultant remotely.


nomadYou can work anywhere, and at any time as long as you don’t forget about the deadline. With this in mind, you know how much freedom you have compared to a regular office worker. For example, you can work at your home while wearing pajamas and maybe sipping on hot chocolate. Or perhaps you feel bored working at home; you can always take your laptop out with you and work at a coffee shop or in a food court. It’s a decision that is up to you to make.

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