Author: Brysen Phillips

How to Pass a Urine Test if You Have Used Illegal Drugs

The urine drug test is one of the most common forms of drug test frequently used by employers to detect drug addiction level of their employees. In this drug testing process, a sample of urine is taken in the laboratory, and the result comes within a short interval.

Are you wondering if there is any way you can pass the test even if you have taken illegal substances? Take a look at the following:

Stop Taking All Types of Drugs

You need to stop taking all types of drugs immediately after getting the information about the urine drug test. This precaution is the essential and vital step to pass a urine test.

Use a Body Cleanser/Detox Kit

Total body cleanser is one of the best detoxification programs on the market. By the time you’re done with the program, which is five days, there will be no toxins will be left behind. You can take one capsule when you eat your meal. You can also drink a cup of tea and follow a simple diet. All traces of Marijuana, Cocaine, Meth, and other drugs will be flushed out of your system.

urine lab testing

Use Synthetic Urine

It is a unisex product so males or females can use it. We found this newest version of quick fix synthetic urine, one of the leading brands that contains everything that would usually be found in a human urine specimen. The bottle even has a temperature strip and heating pad to make sure the urine is at normal body temperature. The cost is low, and there is enough in one bottle for a few tests.

Consumption of Plain Water

Before the test, you should start drinking plain water. But on the test day itself, you should not consume plenty of water because it will dilute your urine and the sample might be rejected.

Water consumption regulation is another easy but effective trick to pass a urine test. You can also work out to increase your heart rate a little bit. This will trigger your system to start natural detoxification on its own.

Diet Plan Modification

Before the date of urine drug test, modify your diet plan till the test is over. You need to cut down sugar, starch from your regular menu and you should stringently start avoiding foods with chemical preservatives. Although hectic, it is a sure shot natural remedy to pass a urine test with good result.…

Potential Uses and Benefits of Testolone

Testolone or RAD140 is one of the strongest, powerful SARM. It is a selective substance that easily binds itself to the androgen receptors. It has been produced and is still being researched by a renowned pharmaceutical company known as Radius Health. It has minimal side effects as compared to other types of steroids, making it a suitable alternative to the other performance enhancers.

This substance has become very popular among men who want to increase their muscle mass and boost sexual performance. It also plays a significant role in fighting breast cancer, increasing muscle mass, promoting fat loss, and protecting the brain cells.  Athletes and bodybuilders can check it out on this site.  Let’s have a look at these benefits in detail.

Increasing Muscle Mass

muscle mass

Testolone is a popular body building product that is widely used by athletes. It is much different from the other types of SARMs because it promotes the growth of muscles without the adverse effects associated with conventional steroids.

During the study, this substance was tested on monkeys and revealed that it could increase the mass of the lean muscles after four weeks of use. Clinical trials have also proven that RAD140 is effective in improving the physical function and lean muscle mass in the elderly.

A Remedy for Breast Cancer

Research has proven that this substance helps fight estrogen receptor and androgen, both of which are special forms of cancer that are sensitive to hormones. SARMs have cancer potent fighting properties that make them useful in fighting the cancerous cells. It does this by suppressing the estrogen receptors.

Promotes Weight Loss

SARMs are known for reducing body fat while increasing muscle mass. Studies have also found that this substance is beneficial in improving cholesterol levels.

Brain Effects

human brain

Androgens play a crucial role in improving memory, increasing the growth of brain cells, and decreasing the accumulation of amyloid beta, one of those substances which cause Alzheimer’s disease. It is, therefore, helpful in protecting one’s brain cells. You can also take this substance to improve the quality of sleep and improve memory.

 Cons of Testolone

  •  Its long term risks are unknown.
  • No human studies.
  • Can suppress the levels of testosterone.





Facts to Know About Defending Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice cases are quite common these days, and doctors are often on the receiving end. Well, as much as a doctor might have had a hand in a patient’s misery, not all scenarios constitute medical malpractice. Most doctors are motivated to help patients. So facing a medical malpractice claim can be very frustrating, especially when the doctor is facing summon from some lawyers who have never been to medical school. This write-up shares some critical insights on how any doctor should handle a malpractice claim.

Reacting to Malpractice Claims News

surgical operation

The news that you are summoned for medical malpractice come as a shock to many practitioners. However, in recent years, the number of malpractice claims filed against doctors have been on the rise, and more than two-thirds of these claims are either withdrawn or dismissed. What does this mean? Being sued for medical malpractice should not worry you much. Instead, you should have the patience to let the law to follow its course.

Doctor’s Responsibilities

Some medical practitioners have malpractice insurance, which implies that insurance company might handle a vast part of the case. However, the doctor in question is also expected to get involved during the course of the case. First, the doctor is expended to give a candid explanation of circumstances leading to these claims. Secondly, they should also avail themselves for interrogations from the patient’s attorney. Thirdly, the doctor might also be required to answer some question and under oath. If the case makes it to trial, the doctor is will probably be called to give his side of the story in front of the jury.

If the doctor does not have malpractice insurance, they need some legal help in this area. As such, it is imperative for them to hire the services of an able team experienced in medical malpractice defense. Schuler, Halvorson, Weisser, Zoeller & Overbeck P.A. have the experience needed to help doctor’s handle medical malpractice claims successfully. It is worth noting that court cases are won how well you are able to respond to claims raised by the plaintiff.surgical operation

Defense Options

The doctor’s legal team is expected to respond to claims raised by the plaintiff in three main ways – rejection of patient testimony, reduction or elimination of damages, and absence of causation. The option used is often determined by the nature of the facts surrounding the case. You need an able legal team to help you settle on the best course of action.…

How to Pick Quality Welding Gear

Every home or business premises requires welding services at some point. Only the experts understand what it takes to deliver perfect and flawless results. Whichever the case, we are all after one thing; quality. Thanks to technology, information pertaining to such can be found at the simple click of a button.

It all begins with the gear used to make the whole procedure quick as well as fun. The pros have been looking keenly into this area and have discovered the importance of being well protected. The trick revolves around selecting the best welding gear available on the market. There are so many to choose from that you might end up getting confused.

Prominent Manufacturers

This is where all the fun and learning begins. Manufacturers have fitted all the qualities and come up with a rational conclusion. Not all the welding gears we come across on the market is fit to suit their purpose. On the contrary, be ready for all sorts of surprises.

On the bright side, you are assured of finding accurate sources that will guide you in the right direction. For instance, has helped many welding fanatics in their bid to perfect this art.

However, you will only be able to trace the genuine manufacturers of welding gear through the ratings and reviews they get. The more positive they are, the more convinced you should be about the quality of their services.

Previous clients have tried out their products and services. Most of them are usually at peace when they leave their feedback online.

Durability Factor

Once you purchase your preferred welding gear, the next thing to be looked into is that of durability. It would be such a shame to buy something that will only last a few moments.

Finding a durable welding gear is just as tricky as it gets. They all look the same, but their levels of quality vary a great deal. Thanks to credible sources that surround us, this doesn’t have to be such a tough case to crack.

Besides, buying durable merchandise will enable you to save time to avoid doing it all the time. You might want to consult the experts first before making any drastic moves.

A Wide Variety

Nowadays, one of the ways to be truly happy is through having a wide variety to choose from. The case applies even when it comes to welding gear and related items.

This means you are at liberty to choose from as many as you find. It will be an opportunity for you to learn just as much about welding. Besides, this is just where the fun begins for everyone with a passion for welding.

The beauty of this factor is that the end of it all is always exciting.

Quality Gear

Everyone can tell just how quality welding gear is supposed to be. It takes someone who is truly passionate about it to be able to tell them apart. What makes it even more fun and easy is the fact that you have all the research material close by.

You can find out all there is to know about quality welding gear.…

Becoming a Digital Nomad

Who doesn’t dread office work? Just the thought of going to work at nine and going home at five or six is tiring for some people and even you who are reading this right now. So, this is where people ran away from a regular office job and decided to either open up a business or perhaps trying to become a digital nomad. But what is a digital nomad? What do they do and why is it so trending nowadays? In this article, we’re going to talk about what is a digital nomad and what tips you need to know before you venture this world of digital nomad itself.

Digital Nomad

Like the name itself, a nomad is someone who doesn’t have a fixed destination or place for him to stay, meanwhile digital is what we do on a daily basis, be it to check our emails, watching videos or even playing games. So, a digital nomad is someone who works digitally or online without having to worry about going to an office or some place. The most important thing for a digital nomad is a working laptop or notebook and a stable internet connection for them to stay online. With that being said, make sure that your laptop is at least good enough for you to work on a very long period, at least for three years ahead. Because the last thing that you need is a slow laptop while you’re trying to work on a project.


There’s a lot of jobs that you can do as a digital nomad. Students nowadays can become a content writer, transcriptionist or even a captioner for a short movie or videos. Meanwhile, if you have specific experience in your work history, you can also use it as your advantage when applying to a particular job. For example, a previous knowledge of you working as a business consultant can net you a position of working as a consultant remotely.


nomadYou can work anywhere, and at any time as long as you don’t forget about the deadline. With this in mind, you know how much freedom you have compared to a regular office worker. For example, you can work at your home while wearing pajamas and maybe sipping on hot chocolate. Or perhaps you feel bored working at home; you can always take your laptop out with you and work at a coffee shop or in a food court. It’s a decision that is up to you to make.…

Gift Ideas For Mom

Mom is the first person you know, your first love and your first best friend. Ever since you are born, mom has always been there for you through your ups and downs in life. Now your mother’s birthday is coming, and you want to give something very special for her. Here are our best gift ideas that are guaranteed will make your mom feels so special and loved.

Her Hobby Items


sewingThe first idea is to give a gift that is related to her hobby. Your mom will be happy when you give her gifts that correspond with her hobby or favorite activities. She will know that you care for what she loves to do. If your mom has a specific hobby, then it will be easier for you to choose what to buy for a gift. For example, if your mom loves to cook, you can give her the latest kitchen gadgets. Don’t forget to take a look around her kitchen, to check whether she already has it or not.

Pampering For Mom


Give your mom a moment to remember by making her a queen for the day. Plan a girls’ day out together and enjoy every second of it. Start the day by taking her to a breakfast place. Continue to pamper her with full hair and body treatments on a special spa. Finish the day with activities of your mom’s choice. Either going to the cinema or having a shopping spree or just chilling at her favorite cafe, all you need to do is be there with her and cherish every moment with her.

Subscription Boxes For Mom


Subscription boxes are the gifts that will keep on giving throughout the year. You can choose the box based on her interest. For example, if she’s into a skincare routine, you can subscribe her to a monthly beauty box where she could get her monthly fix of beauty items. Then every month, right on her birth date, she can receive a little gift from you. It will show her how much you care for her.

Personalized Jewelry For Mom


clockThe last but not least classic gift idea is to give her personalized jewelry. It is a sweet token that she could keep forever. Choose the jewelry based on her daily preferences, either it is a necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings. You can choose between simple jewelry that she could wear every day or maybe a more delicate jewelry to wear on special occasions — personalized the jewelry by engraving it with her initial or using her birthstone a piece of the jewelry.…